Monday, February 15, 2016

Hi Guys!

As I've mentioned previously, I colored my hair to a shade of blue-green. However, since I only had my hair bleached once, the color turned more into a Joker Green. It's not what I opted for, but hey, people loved it! haha!

I tried to match my outfit with a jester/ joker look wearing my favorite plaid trousers from Topman. The trousers mimics my hair and to add angst to my look, I paired it with my leather-sleeved bomber jacket from Penshoppe.

To soften it up a bit, I added hints of whites like my white shirt and my white sneakers. And finally, to complete the look, I decided to go with my DAPPERSTONES.MNL Sunnies.

Just remember that "unusual" does not mean "weird". Try exploring on colors this year, especially now that we are diving into the maximalist design agenda for Art, Interiors, and Design. Just be confident and own the changes that you make in finding the best version of yourself.

Btw, all photos were taken using iPhone 6S Camera with a VSCOcam filter. I just wanted to try posting from my phone. Let me know if you approve of it or not. Haha.


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